Is Obesity a mental health issue?


Recent figures show that weight management programmes via your GP are not working.
For those with a BMI of 30-35 probability of slimming down after a year was 1 in 210 for men and 1in 124 for women.
” Current strategies that focus on cutting calories and boosting physical activity aren’t working for most patients to achieve weight loss and maintain that ” said Dr Alison Fildes of Kings College London.

Eat less and move more…… This is common sense and we all know what we should be doing but don’t do it.
So should we be looking at the reasons behind obesity. These are often habits that have been going for many years. Do we need more support or therapy to establish our beliefs about food, why do we comfort eat, what does food mean to us?
Maybe low self esteem means that we don’t look after ourselves or take care of our needs. Perhaps we don’t even know what our needs are!
When we have negative feelings or feel stressed do we use food food to make us feel better.
Therapy can help us look at how we deal with stress. What are our coping strategies for life ? How do we deal with difficult situations and relationships. Are we assertive enough to say no to people and…. Food.
Therapy can help discover the reasons behind our use of food. Cognitive Behaviour therapy can challenge the thinking behind comfort eating and negativity and establish more positive functional thinking.
Let’s build self esteem and assertiveness to take more care of ourselves.
Is Obesity a mental health problem we can treat by psychological means. I believe it is.

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