What works for Eating disorders ?



Im a Counsellor and Eating therapist working in Suffolk and London and want to raise awareness of Eating issues, Disordered Eating, Food and our relationship with it. Im interested in why there is such a stigma around eating disorders and why and how we can remedy this. We all have to have a relationship with food. How can we have a good one.? Im doing a lecture on this subject next week and will report back on this blog, the questions and hopefully answers that this subject brings up. Please let me have some thoughts if these issues affect you.


Presented by YVONNE GREEN

Counsellor/Eating Therapist

MBACP (Accred)


At The Friend’s Meeting House, St Johns St, Bury St edmunds,  Suffolk, IP33 1SJ

Tickets priced £15

An interactive lecture which looks at the established methods and approaches that are recognised to be effective when treating clients with Eating Disorders. A look at why nutrition is a key part of therapy and why collaborative family work has proven to be successful.  You may learn about your own relationship with food and how it affects your behaviour and thinking. A revealing look at how powerful food can be from a physical and mental perspective and how, with an understanding of how eating disorders work, recognised approaches can be used most effectively.

CPD Certificates will be issued on the night.

Contact Carol Whitehead on 01473 381403 or email – carol.whitehead@mentis.org.uk if you have any further questions.

Please use the link below to book your place.




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